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Endotracheal tube
Std Cuffed Profile
High volume, Low pressure cuff to build an air tight grip between tube and trachea to avoid any leakages.
Cuff Balloon is of low pressure to reduces the risk during deflation or inflation and minimizes pressure on trachea wall or any other part of the track.
Inflation tube connected with Cuff to inflate and deflate it, is Kink resistant to ensures patient safety during procedure.
For long term use.
Ref/Art No.
(Std. Plain)
Ref/Art No.
(Std. Cuffed)
Ref/Art No.
(Re-inf. Plain)
Ref/Art No.
(Re-inf. Cuffed)
Size Packing
Inner/Outer unit
AR1201-2.0 25/500     2.0mm 10/100
AR1201-2.5       2.5mm 10/100
AR1201-3.0       3.0mm 10/100
AR1201-3.5     AR1204-3.5 3.5mm 10/100
AR1201-4.0     AR1204-4.0 4.0mm 10/100
AR1201-4.5 AR1202-4.5 AR1203-4.5 AR1204-4.5 4.5mm 10/100
AR1201-5.0 AR1202-5.0 AR1203-5.0 AR1204-5.0 5.0mm 10/100
  AR1202-5.5 AR1203-5.5 AR1204-5.5 5.5mm 10/100
  AR1202-6.0 AR1203-6.0 AR1204-6.0 6.0mm 10/100
  AR1202-6.5 AR1203-6.5 AR1204-6.5 6.5mm 10/100
  AR1202-7.0 AR1203-7.0 AR1204-7.0 7.0mm 10/100
  AR1202-7.5 AR1203-7.5 AR1204-7.5 7.5mm 10/100
  AR1202-8.0 AR1203-8.0 AR1204-8.0 8.0mm 10/100
  AR1202-8.5 AR1203-8.5 AR1204-8.5 8.5mm 10/100
  AR1202-9.0 AR1203-9.0 AR1204-9.0 9.0mm 10/100
  AR1202-9.5 AR1203-9.5 AR1204-9.5 9.5mm 10/100
  AR1202-10     10.0mm 10/100
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